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Story of Rindera

Hello, I am Denise; owner, designer and maker of the Rindera.

Rindera is a small design studio established in London, in 2020 by me.

I have worked in the health sector for many years. After birth of my daughter, my perspective and responsibilities towards myself, the world and business life changed.

Search for a life that is slower, simpler, more nature-oriented, less, but actually contains more met me together with you, who are reading this page today.

Jewelry design, which started as a hobby, as I shared what I produced with my family, friends and new people, it turned into a "business" I call "my hobby".

I began to take metalsmithing classes from jewelry masters who used centuries-old ancient techniques.

Rindera is the Latin name of a flower. It is an endemic flower that grows in the rocky and deserted high mountains of the Aegean. It is an eye-catching, unique beauty that inspires my creativity and excites me and grows in the hands of mother nature. My brand name got its origin from here.

I make all my pieces by hand using traditional metalsmith and wax techniques and design one of a kind products. I use precious metals such as silver, gold and natural stones in all of my designs.

You will find sawed, hammered, soldered and fine handcrafted 'Perfectly imperfect' unique pieces in my store.

You will see authentic traces of different cultures, different beliefs, sometimes ancient ages, sometimes modern and contemporary urban life and human hands in my jewelry.